Tibetan Massage

Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha






Tibetan Massage, for pain release, relaxation, psycho-somatic problems, is an ancient therapy from the Tibetan Medicine.

Tibetan Massage is using the knowledge of the acupuncture points and the three bodily energies, rLung (wind), mKhrispa (bile), Badkan (mucus)






Tibetan Massage
sessions are 30, 60 or 90 minutes
neck & head, 30min. $ 50
neck, head, shoulder, face, 60min. $ 90
neck, head, shoulder, face, back, 90min. $ 120

please book one week ahead for your appointment


Introduction to Tibetan Medicine

“GSO-BA RIG-PA” – the knowledge of healing

The ancient knowledge from Tibet is based on the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni  (Medicine Buddha). Its holistic view includes body, mind and soul or the physical body and the subtle energy body. Our Western medicine has to date hardly looked into subtle body energy and is therefore confronted with its limitations in the field of psychosomatic medicine. The Tibetan medicine is more than 2500 years old; this ancient healing method offers us an invaluable knowledge.
The Tibetan medicine had been influenced by Ayurvedic, Chinese and Persian medicine and shaped by Buddhism. The three bodily energies rLung (wind), mKhrispa (bile) and Badkan (phlegm) are the fundamental principles and their harmonious balance means complete health. The Tibetan doctor includes into his diagnosis and treatment plan day and annual rhythms, eating and living habits, the highly developed pulse and urine diagnostic, the teachings of the elements, acupuncture, acupressure and much more.
The Tibetan medicine is based on three bodily energies, rLung (wind), mKhrispa (bile), Badkan (mucus). We are in good health when they are in a harmonious balance.
The Tibetan Medicine applies massage therapy especially for “wind-disturbance” with great success. These wind disturbances correspond with our psychosomatic diseases.
Especially in the field of the Western psychosomatic medicine a holistic approach is very limited; therefore the Tibetan Massage gains great importance for our western culture. Working with the wind points corresponds to acupressure massage, which establishes a bridge between our gross and subtle body.