The Healing Power of Nature

Man in Relation to Nature

In intensive analysis of Nature and her Elements, I came upon the following question: What influence and interrelation does Nature have on and with our Bodies, Psyche, and Spirit?

I realized that Nature, all-embracing of her own, influences us simultaneously on all planes (Body,Psyche,Spirit). It became clear to me that I had asked the question from the opposite point of view as usually asked.”Normally” we do not experience Nature as an active partner that might influence us! It is mankind that influences Nature. We subjugate Her, we exploit Her, and take Her to the edge of ruin. How much longer can Nature withstand such destruction?

We have forgotten that man and Nature are partners that we are part of Nature and that Nature is part of us. This destruction is simultaneous to our own destruction, even if with delayed impact. Why are we still capable of firmly shutting our eyes to this fact? For me, there exists just one answer. WE HAVE LOST CONTACT TO NATURE. By this I intend the true meeting with Nature, which can occur uniquely on a deep level of being (or I-Thou plane, wording from Philosopher Martin Buber).

It is not incidental, that my work deals with Nature and her Elements. It is the beginning of awareness of my own and my natural environment. It is the foundation, the essential for every single further development. It is here I learn to sink my atrophied, exposed roots into deep, fertile earth, and to ground, to anchor, my Self. Nature as partner, bound in the I-Thou relationship becomes my master- teacher. She does not teach me, but helps me, to discover a deeply hidden knowledge of origin. It is a knowledge that binds mankind on a singular plane. Unfortunately, this knowledge is alive only in few native cultures.

We have lost contact with it in the western culture, whose school system concentrates on the one-sided understanding of the intellect (I-It plane, wording from Philosopher Martin Buber.)

In my work with Nature, we will explore and manifest a deep, intimate relationship with Nature. I wish to call the reader’s attention to the fact, that there are no clearly defined answers here, but that the secret of the answer lies in the discovery of the I-Thou plane through conscious analysis through our senses with Nature’s Elements.