Settings and Tuition

Our Setting – “A Sacred Landscape”

The seminar house is located in an open natural forest on the edge of undisturbed crown land. Our property of 38 acres (approx. 34 acres are untouched) are on a southern slope below granite outcrops and cliffs. It ranges from rocky areas to mixed forest and dense wetlands with natural springs and a creek.

We have transformed 2 acres into a permaculture garden & orchard. We grow certified organic food for ourselves and as a small cash crop. We cultivate about 200 fruit & nut trees, berry bushes, culinary & medicinal herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Our property is the last in the valley before the forestry road starts and crown land is adjacent to the north & east of the property. We enjoy the local wildlife with frequent visits of deer, elk, bighorn sheep, rabbits, coyotes, cougar and bear. Owls, ravens, many other small birds and small mammals call it their home, which we respect and share. To become part of this fragile ecosystem requires steady learning, patience and tolerance, rethinking of old patterns but also learning to set boundaries in a non violent way.

We feel very blessed and privileged to live on such a land and are happy to share it with you during your stay.

Our Setting for teaching and learning

All our workshops (2-3 days) and seminars (5-10 days) are live teachings at our Seminar house or outdoors in nature. We work in small groups up to 12 people. We highly value the direct, personal and spontaneous interaction amongst ourselves. This is not possible in an online setting. In order to fully experience ourselves within our environment, we have consciously decided not to bring internet to the seminar house. However there is cell phone service available in the area.

We welcome all who consciously want to be better prepared for our challenging situation on earth. We also welcome all the people, who realize, that healing comes from inside and that only by starting with ourselves can we change our living situation.

Therefore we wish to work with a consistent group for an entire year, with the offer of a follow up second year.

Our new seminar house is offering in 2024 a diverse program with introduction days, performances and open workshops. The First Year Training always starts with the 10 days outdoor seminar “Nature – a Mirror of our Inner Self” in the summer. If the 12 places are not fully taken, we also accept people who just want to sign up for this seminar.

Tuition and Fees

We want to offer our training and workshops to people who may be unable to afford our regular rate. With this consideration, we have created a sliding scale, with a range of a minimum payment and a regular payment. If you have the means – please consider the opportunity to sponsor part or the whole training for somebody else. In addition we offer the opportunity to do a work trade. We can use help on our land; carpentry, gardening, and other various tasks. This kind of payment must be arranged individually with the work trade application.

Tuition for the First Year Training: min. $ 3600 to $ reg. $ 4200 The training contains 35 days, equivalent to 210 hours or 20$ an hour of learning and experiencing in a small group setting. See modules First Year

Tuition for the Second Year Training: min. $ 3600 to $ reg. $ 4200 The training contains 35 days, equivalent to 210 hours or 20$ an hour of learning and experiencing in a small group setting. See modules Second Year

Additional fees:

10 day outdoor Workshop “Nature – a Mirror of your Inner Self”: $ 500 for food and camping.

Not included in the tuition are drawing supplies and a special paper roll for the Self-portraits.

Accommodation: The Training is set up in units of 3, 5, or 10 days, so people from further away can easily participate. During the 10 day outdoor seminar is food and camping provided. Please look for your own accommodation and food during the other seminars. We can help with a list for accommodation in the area.


All applicants must fill out the application form and a short biography with your inspiration and volition for the training. Both forms are to be sent back, either by email attachment or sent by mail.

We would like to get to know you before starting with the training. We welcome and recommend attending an introduction day and /or a prior open workshop, or you may introduce yourself by visiting us at Dimutara. See Google map

With the accepted application we require a minimum of $ 500 within a week to hold your place. This is mandatory for all applicants, including work trade arrangements. The full tuition is due 3 weeks before the training begins.


Here you can download the following forms:

Application form

Work trade application