What does Geomancy mean?

Remember this grove of trees or that little brook winding through the field when you were a child. It was a very special place maybe your dad took you there. It made you feel good and you were touched deeply. It was magic each time you went there.
Now, there is a big apartment complex where the trees were. A large street is leading to a mall, where the brook was running through the field.
Could you still sense these special forces of the earth, standing in front of the mall? Or are they buried deep under the concrete, not perceivable anymore.
Are they still in the memory of the place or destroyed forever? Are they distorted?

Our ancestors took their time in selecting the location for a house, a special tree to be planted, a well, or especially the ‘right’ place for the church. They connected on a deep level with the place, used their intuition, watched the animals, the bird’s flight, plants growing there, the condition of the soil, rock formations. They dowsed for water veins, fault lines and other energy fields before they made any decisions. They may have connected with the “spirit” of the place, trying to understand its inner nature and purpose.

‘geo’ the earth
‘manteia’ – prophecy

Geomancers understand the earth as a living conscious being.
They recognize the physical, vital energetic, emotional and spiritual levels of the earth in the landscape and try to understand all of these levels. They understand themselves as part of the earth or Gaia: interacting consciously with the invisible forces they experience, translating them and taking them into consideration when they work in the landscape, as planners, designers, architects, artists or consultants.