The Healing Power of the I-Thou Relationship







Our individual and collective process inbedded in the 4 elements and the 4 seasons of space and time.

Dimutara – The Art of Healing

offers a 2 year holistic training for the whole person. Our goal is to facilitate people in their process towards a healthy and resilient body, an emotionally stable, balanced and loving self, with an open, non judg­­mental mind.

Center for Learning, Experiencing, Healing

We are learning from the Nature within (Body, Mind and Spirit) and the Nature around us (the 5 Elements, the Plant- Animal- and Spirit-Kingdom). Our tools are the Expressive Arts, Spiritual Psychology and Subtle Energy work. Our goal is Holistic Healing.


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Dimutara Learning,Experience,Healing

Training Modules

Indroduction workshop for the DIMUTARA Training  fall 2023