Healing Arts Therapy

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Healing Arts Therapy

After an extensive training and with tthe experience in the areas of Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy and Medical Assistance over 20 years, Elisabeth Guentert Bay developed and implemented these in “Healing Arts Therapy”. She has successfully used “Healing Arts Therapy” since 1991 in her private practice in Switzerland, where she sucessfully treated clients with serious disorders, such as trauma, depression, cancer, suicidal risk, alcohol-drug abuse, anorexia and more.
“Healing Arts Therapy” is a holistic approach to mental and physical health and contains a variety of different methods. It distinguishes itself from the traditional psychotherapy by working with all levels of the person (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). In order to change destructive patterns, “Healing Arts Therapy” works with the unconscious body and its hidden emotions to bring into awareness the root cause of the problems. It is fundamental for inner growth, to be seen in our potential rather than in our mistakes. Therefore “Healing Arts Therapy” has a strong focus on the individual vision of each person. We learn how to bring this vision into life by strengthening our inherent qualities of patience, endurance, self-confidence, humility, creativity and forgiveness to mention a few.

“Healing Arts Therapy” offers both, working with the individual and working with the group. Working in a group focuses on accepting oneself and developing self-esteem in relation to others. Therefore, both working with the individual and working with the individual in a group, may be necessary. Since she has moved to Canada she is foccusing more on preventive and educational work. Since 2023 she is offering a wholistic training  for the inner growth of the person.