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Center for Learning, Experiencing, Healing

We are learning from the nature within (body, mind and spirit) and the nature around us (the 5 elements, the plant- animal- and spirit-kingdom). Our tools are the Expressive Arts, Spiritual Psychology and Subtle Energy work. Our goal is holistic healing. Are you longing for a peaceful, harmonious Life on this planet? We believe in [...]


Our Body contains the past, present and future. Our body is the microcosmos, from where we can draw all the knowledge we need for a healthy, prosperous life full of love, beauty and joy.   Learning from our Body The Body tells us our life story: Our Body doesn’t forget, it’s like a treasure box [...]

Learning for Life

DIMUTARA offers a 2 year holistic training for the whole person. Our goal is to facilitate people in their process towards a healthy and resilient body, an emotionally stable, balanced and loving self, with an open, non judg- mental mind. In order to become a whole person, we emphasise head and intellect equal with body [...]

4 Pillars of Dimutara

The Foundation of the DIMUTARA Training is based on the following four pillars:   The Healing Power of the I-Thou Relationship® by Elisabeth Guentert Bay – a spiritual approach to life   The Life Art Process® by Anna & Daria Halprin, Tamalpa Institute – Movement based Expressive Arts Therapy   Understanding the Gross Body – [...]

Art is Powerful


Our Team


Co - Founder

Elisabeth is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist BCATR and has an MA in Psychology and Healing Arts. She holds the Halprin Life/Art Practitioner and the Teacher for Movement Ritual.

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Co - Founder

Dieter operated a successful landscaping business in Salmon Arm, combining Horticulture, Landscape consultation, Assessments, Design and Installation. He is trained in Geomancy at Hagia Chora, in Germany.

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