Our Body contains the past, present and future. Our body is the microcosmos, from where we can draw all the knowledge we need for a healthy, prosperous life full of love, beauty and joy.


Learning from our Body

The Body tells us our life story:

Our Body doesn’t forget, it’s like a treasure box which stores each moment of our life as a unique, not repeatable experience towards growth and individuation.

Our Body always sticks to the truth, even with experiences which were too painful for us to keep in memory.

Our Body reflects our soul which has chosen this very body and life.

Our Body speaks to us through movement, visualised pictures and dreams. Feelings and body sensations are the language of the soul. Are we there to listen and act accordingly? Why don’t we trust this ancient, universal language of body and soul?

Learning from our Mind

Truly feeling at home is when our mind stays connected with the body and thoughts are not travelling or grasping objects, when the mind is aware of its home/body and what is happening right now. There is no object, there is no good or bad. The I becomes one with body-mind-soul. The power of a deep inner state of being is the magic entrance key to the world within and only there healing can happen. (See concept I-Thou and I-It)

Learning from Spirit

We accept and understand that we are part of Creation and cannot rule the world without its Spirit. We realize that all living beings are interconnected and depending on each other. Therefore the well being of all life forms matters to us. We understand that only our humble approach in any undertaking can lead to lasting success.