Learning for Life

DIMUTARA offers a 2 year holistic training for the whole person.

Our goal is to facilitate people in their process towards a healthy and resilient body, an emotionally stable, balanced and loving self, with an open, non judg- mental mind.

In order to become a whole person, we emphasise head and intellect equal with body and intuition and encourage following the voice of our soul and its guidance.

Spiritually we strive for respect, honesty, integrity towards all living beings and self, practicing compassion, awareness, stillness and offering love, joy and happi- ness to all life forms. We learn to trust in our personal process towards a higher purpose.

Learning for Life

We have asked ourselves: how do we learn best?

Cognitive learning through direct teaching has a very limited success – how much of the knowledge, which we learnt at school are we still owning? For most of us, there is only a very small percentage of this school knowledge on call in our memory.

Learning for Life must be based on more than direct cognitive teaching. We have to integrate our senses and physical activity to generate a positive emotional experience, which will be easy to remember and will serve as a foundation for an active, creative mind.

Learning from and interacting with Nature offers us a much more complex and profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. This deeper under- standing allows us to plan and carry out our lives accordingly. We feel, act and un- derstand interconnectedness and are able to support our planet and its life forms towards healing rather than destroying. An isolated, cognitive thought and its action in contrast will often lead to a dead end.