Elisabeth Guentert Bay



Elisabeth was born 1958 in Switzerland. She grew up in a family with four children. She clearly remembers an incident in her early childhood which became symbolic for her future career. Her doll had broken its arm and she needed to fix it, to “heal” it. As teenager she became determined to be a nurse.

Her passion for nature, the outdoors and the mountains in particular has been instilled in her from an early age on by her parents. The family spent all their summer holidays in the high mountains of the Swiss Alps – in rugged and wild terrain. Elisabeth developed a deep love, respect and trust in nature.


After a nursing career it became evident that nursing had not much to do with healing people. Elisabeth continued her studies in the fields of Psychology (C.G. Jung), Alternative Medicine, Dance Therapy, Gestalt & Feldenkrais & Spiritual Psychology Psychosynthesis (Assagoli).

After 2 years intensive studies at Tamalpa Institute she become a Halprin Life/Art Practitioner and Movement Ritual Teacher. 1990 she graduated with a MA in Healing Arts and Psychology at Summit University with the Thesis: “The Healing Power of the I-Thou Relationship”.

Back in Switzerland she started to build up her private practice as one of the first Expressive Art Therapists in Europe. For over 10 years Elisabeth held a very successful practice where she helped many so called “therapy resistant” clients. Parallel to her private practice she started the organization IG -Tibetan Medicine for her friend & Tibetan medical Doctor Dr. Lobsang Shrestha. She served as an organizer, translator and trainee for 5 years and became a Tibetan Massage Therapist.

In the year 2000 she closed her practice in Switzerland in order to move to Canada and live with her husband Dieter Bay. This has been a decision with far reaching consequences. Their move from the city to a rural environment gives Elisabeth and Dieter finally the possibility to bring her vision “Dimutara” into reality. Elisabeth is a registered professional member of BC Art Therapy Association BCATA