Orchard and Garden

2012 We start planting our first 80 fruit trees, they where all grafted by us with the best European apple varieties.


Sand Creek Valley, here are we located

DSCN4236 DSCN4233






2013 Lots of berries, bee plants, medicinal plants, annual plants like poppies, facelia, field peas and a vegetable garden are added.
















2014 We are planting table grapes and seeding out rye for green manure; more and more bees and birds are moving in. Unfortunately we lost 1/3 of our fruit trees to the gophers.
















2015 We are grafting 100 new apple trees and planting many new medicinal plants, bee plants, berry bushes, strawberries and grapes.
















2016  Birds, grouse, honeybees and wild bees have made our orchard to their home. We can sell the most delicious strawberries and harvest our first cherries, apples, pears, quince and a huge variety of berries.








2017 After 5 hard working years, we are able to harvest 300 lb of apples out of 12  apple variety’s; most are perfect, delicious and great tasting. We had a wonderful year with a big crop of strawberries, mulberries, sea-buck thorn and table grapes.