Center for Learning, Experiencing, Healing

We are learning from the nature within (body, mind and spirit) and the nature around us (the 5 elements, the plant- animal- and spirit-kingdom). Our tools are the Expressive Arts, Spiritual Psychology and Subtle Energy work. Our goal is holistic healing.

Are you longing for a peaceful, harmonious Life on this planet?

We believe in evolution and human’s ability to wake up. We also believe that paradise can happen on our earth. We therefore embrace and respect Creation of which we are part.
Conscious change comes from inside. The world won’t change for the better as long as we persist in our old patterns. Imagine if our technocratic and now digital world would break down. What would be left? -Only our inner wisdom.

Do the following questions interest you?

Who am I?
What is my purpose in life?
How can I become a person who is able to serve for the well-being of all life?

If you carry these questions in your heart, you might have a calling for a deeper learning and feel the urge to change the world by transforming your personal reality into more harmony, beauty and love.