Expressive Arts & Live/Art Process

Expressive Arts Therapy

The field of Expressive Arts Therapy and Education is based on an interdisciplinary approach to the creative arts including movement, dance, drama, visual arts and music. As a practitioner in this field I utilize several art modalities when working with groups or the individual. When we talk of a problem we aren’t necessarily in contact  of its emotional context. In order to integrate our feelings we can go beyond the mental understanding through direct movement of the body or a spontaneous drawing which brings hidden knowledge, saved in our body back to consciousness. This process is a constant interplay between our physical, emotional and mental levels expressed through art. This active interplay provides a context in which people can explore, deepen and expand their creative resources to develop new skills in their personal and professional lives.

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Life/Art Process

Tamalpa Institute provides one of the most renewed movement-based Expressive Arts programs in the world, called the Life /Art Process and functions at the cutting edge of the discipline. The Life/Art Process is an integrative approach that explores the wisdom of the body expressed through movement, dance, visual arts, creative writing, performance skills and psycho therapeutic models. It supports personal, interpersonal and social transformation, teaching new models for health, psychology, art and communication. The work was originated by dance pioneer Anna Halprin, who was among the first exponents in the contemporary Western world of dance as a healing and trans-formative art.


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