Dieter Bay



Dieter was born 1954 in Germany. He grew up in a tiny village in the Black Forest with farmers all around, a lively forest full with “gnomes, dwarfs and fairies” and a big garden at home.

He started his career with a three year training in horticulture and landscaping in Germany and worked for one year in England as a private park gardener. Dieter immigrated to Canada 1986 and has since created and been engaged in various successful businesses. He developed a large orchard (1200 fruit trees) with organic and bio-dynamic methods at the Anderson Lake, which was one of the milestone in his career. From 1991 to 2001 he operated a successful landscaping business in Salmon Arm, combining Horticulture, Landscape consultation, Assessments, Design and Installation.

1994 he started dowsing as he realized that he needed to understand more deeply the energetic dimensions and phenomena in gardens and landscapes. His search for more and deeper answers led him to Geomancy. He went back to Germany and took a 2 1/2 year intensive training in Geomancy at Hagia Chora. This school had the best teachers available at that time. It was an incredible experience with master teachers specialized in the field of dowsing, water energy, electromagnetic field detection, Geomancy of the house, city and the landscape, as well as Feng Shui and more. He is a current member of the international organization LifeNet /Lebensnetz.

Back in Canada he has been integrating these experiences and applied his knowledge in designs and assessments of the house, garden or larger landscapes. He has been given workshops in Geomancy in various communities in BC. Since 2008 he is living in Grand Forks where he has been engaged in the exploration of community living. With his wife Elisabeth he is in the process of developing gently their rural acreage in order to live their common vision Dimutara and create a small intentional community.